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Welcome to the photography website of Dafydd Owen.

On these pages you will find select sets and individual photos from my passion for photography, I hope there will be something that you like.
This is intended more of a personal site rather than pro portfolio so there will be numerous photos from each set - a significant number in some galleries such as large music events.
If however you are someone that can or are interested in commissions please get in touch and I will provide a more concise selection - saving you time.

To let you know when I've added new sets you can sign up to my newsletter (fairly irregular) or subscribe to my Updates news feed, both of these can be found on my Contact Page. Additionally please feel free to get in touch for whatever reason, photo use, commissions or just a chat.

For a complete list of gallery updates please see the Gallery Updates page, else there are some highlights below.


10th April 2012
Wow - hasn't it been a while since I posted a set up here!
There are a few reasons for it - but not that I haven't been taking photographs. Infact I've been very busy with them.
I've been doing my usual events (which go to a seperate sub-site), but also a friend's wedding (also different site) and a few product shoots which I may put up here.
Also - I took the plunge and started a blog - see the link in the menu bar.
I've done two updates in the last couple of days:

Lacing Lilith Couture
Lacing Lilith Couture
I was asked to do a shoot for Lacing Lilith Couture, practically a year ago!
Was fairly basic lighting so that they could edit the shoot themselves, however I fancied having a try at it and trying some different editing techniques - these are the results.

Gallery plugin update
I've finally updated the gallery system. Not a lot will have changed for most of you - but now the site should be visible or at least a lot better on iPhones and other non flash devices. I've also enabled the full screen button - although the older images will be about 800/850 pixels - I'm going to increase this on new galleries. More changes may follow.

21st June 2011
An informal shoot with friend Sophia.
A Pleasure to shoot - although not a model herself has worked on shoots and knows full well how to work with the camera.

2nd May 2011
Samantha Stone
Samantha Stone Hi-Key
The Hi-Key / light photos from the shoot mentioned below
Hi-Key isn't my usual style so it's nice to try something different.

29th April 2011
Samantha Stone
Samantha Stone Low-Key
A shoot for some BW shots of Samantha stone. Hi-Key will follow shortly.
This was indended to be a bit more gritty but didn't quite turn out like that - maybe some other time soon.
Her website : Samantha Stone - Alt Model

March 2011
So it's been a fair while since the last update. Not that I haven't been busy - I have but not had the time to upload sets here.
What I have started however is a blog - soemthing I've thought about for a while. To avoid it being all kinds of rubbish I'm restricting it to being a Photography blog - not just the stuff I'm doing but also other random tit-bits that I find interesting and want to share.
You can follow it here : Daf Random Ramblings Blog

....I've now culled this News list to being a year... So it may appear shorter than before.